45+ Inspiring French Country Garden Decor Ideas

French Country is a warm elegant feeling mixed with casual pieces and a little grace. French Country embellishes a lot of distressed or painted furniture, fabrics, wood tones and textured walls. It is old world charm mixed with a little country.

For French Country, you should look for things like cracked wood beams, curved panels, hand-carved decorations and raw material flooring and walls, like stone or bricks. Wrought iron can also be used to enhance the look and fell of a well-organized French Country Interior. Wrought iron can be used as wall decor or use it behind your bed as a headboard. There are many design patterns with Wrought Iron as well. From sides of fences to wall sconces that can be used as decorative pieces.

The next step would be to adorn your house with fabrics. Fabrics in this style have a far range; anything from traditional toile to the industrial feel of burlap & Linen. Use of white monochromatic fabrics is a great look in the traditional French Country theme. Sunny warm colors offer brilliant design patterns as well.

A great idea for an industrial look for the bedroom is to use burlap fabric as a canopy over your bed. This is fairly inexpensive if you use two curtain rods with finials. One is placed at the front of the bed and the other at the foot of the bed with burlap style rope and ceiling hooks. Drape the burlap over the two rods the length of the bed with a little drooping or pooling to the floor on both sides and now you have yourself a canopy.

Other great items that can be used in this look are woven baskets, metal pitchers, weathered garden shelving and Chinese pottery. Additionally, there are many ceramic plates, gorgeous tiles, tablecloths and curtains that have roosters, sunflowers, lavender or whatever you hearts content on it. These all make great accessories for your French Country themed home. If a little French Country flare is all your after; you can look for rustic old furniture, oversized dining room tables with dull waxed or natural finishes will do the trick.

All French Country style homes include flowers into their mix. Fresh flowers are the best; flowers such as lavender, geraniums and sunflowers will make your rooms feel like they are alive. The flowers look great in copper pots, wooden window boxes, glass vases or old metal pitchers. Varieties of multiple colors look the best as well as arrangements not too simple or artificial.

If you only decide to change a few things in your home why not switch to the French Country theme. It’s a beautiful, elegant, glamorous and inviting decorating style that will make your friends want to visit all the time

40+ Beautiful Garden Decorating Ideas

The right garden décor ideas can really make your entire yard look spectacular. It’s easy to create a small garden that grows a few vegetables for your family to enjoy but to put some real personality into it can make it come alive. This can be achieved in a number of ways, all it takes is a little commitment and creativity in order to make it happen. You probably don’t even have to invest quite as much as you thought you would in order to make your garden look beautiful and inviting for you, your friends and your family. If you are looking for some good garden décor ideas, consider the following options.

Fence toppers are the perfect way to put some attitude and a little life into your garden area. The fence plays an important role in keeping unwanted people, animals and other creatures from entering but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or ordinary. Instead, consider choosing toppers to put around the top of your fence. There are many different styles and versions available, including cute cats and flowers.

Complete Your Garden with a Bird Bath

Bird baths are the perfect way to invite the beautiful creatures into the area without having to worry about anything being ruined in the garden. It provides a pleasant scene while also encouraging the birds and other wildlife to help your garden along. There are quite a few different styles to choose from including wooden, stone and even ceramic versions.

Stepping Stones

This is another of those garden décor ideas that can really make the area pop with color and life. From flower petals to puppy faces, there are tons of different stepping stones available on the market. You can find simple stone steps or you can even design your own with paint or markers. It’s best not to go with the plastic, fake looking steps just for price, because your garden décor can really pay a price of it’s own for this.

Wind Chimes

It is true that all wind chimes were not created equally. Some break apart quickly, some don’t have such a pleasing tone when the chimes hit each other, and still others don’t even provide a decent design. It’s easy enough to find suitable options for a whimsical or fun filled garden, just don’t choose options that are cheap.

Water Fountains

Many garden decor ideas incorporate water fountains, and for good reason. When they are running they provide a relaxing environment to relax in. They can also provide a spectacular backdrop for your fruits and vegetables. Small fountains are just as effective as larger ones, so even a simple garden can benefit from garden décor like this

35 Interesting Floating Wall Shelves For Your Bathroom Style Ideas

When it comes to home storage, floating wall shelves are incredibly versatile. They can be added just about anywhere, from the garage to your living room, bathroom, bedrooms or kitchen. Line the shelves with storage baskets to conceal clutter, or display decorative items, children’s toys, or books. The options are virtually endless. Plus, floating shelves can be finished in a multitude of ways to accommodate any decor. Use a bright paint color to contrast the wall and have a modern pop, or use a classic wood stain to create a rustic, traditional feel. Creating floating wall shelves is such a simple carpentry project, that even a novice can tackle it.

All you need for this project is wood, a tape measure, sandpaper, a leveler, a jig saw, L brackets, varnish, and wood stain or paint and paint brushes. When you are ready to go, simply follow these instructions:

First you must determine the shelving dimensions. The standard thickness for a shelf is 1″, but you can create shelves of any length or width, depending on your needs and the space you have.
Once you have determined the dimensions, measure the wall space with your tap measure, transfer the measurement to the wood, and then cut the wood to the required length using the jig saw.
Use the sand paper to smooth out the jagged edge left behind by the jig saw. This will give your shelf a clean, smooth finish. If the wood is jagged on other edges, smooth those out as well.
Stain or paint the entire shelf before attaching it to the wall. Wood may require more than one coat of paint. Be sure to let the paint dry completely before applying a second coat.
Once the paint or stain is completely dry, apply varnish. This will give the shelf a protective finish that minimizes day-to-day wear and tear. If you want the shelf to be glossy, apply a second coat of varnish. You should gently sand the shelf between varnish coats to ensure a smooth finish.
Attach the L brackets to the shelf first. I recommend spacing them every 24″ for a stronger, more stable shelf.
Now attach the shelf to the wall. I recommend using a leveler to ensure the shelf is perfectly even.

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35+ Best Natural Stone Floors For Bathroom Design Ideas

Renovation or remodeling is the best way to go if you want your house to look good and updated not only in looks but in function. Its importance is far more complex than you could ever imagine. You see it’s not only about the rights to brag or whose house looks better. It’s all about something a lot more than that. If that’s all that there is for you then you don’t know anything about it yet. It’s not about that, it’s about something that is a lot more important. I will tell you the importance.

Okay, I won’t deny the fact that the bragging rights are part of it. We humans cannot resist doing that. However, it doesn’t end there. Remember Hansel and Gretel? Remember the part where they found the house made up of sweets and ate it? If you were Hansel or Gretel, would you eat it if you don’t know how owns the house? Of course you wouldn’t. But because a house is also a reflection of the owner, they thought whoever owns it, must be nice and sweet since it’s made up of sweets. The pretty similar thing goes on in the real world. People have the tendency to judge you judging on how your house looks like. So if your house happens to be one of the best looking houses in the neighborhood, then people will think highly of you.

Also, renovating or remodeling your house is also beneficial if you are planning to sell it sometime in the near future. It significantly raises your house’s real estate value and when you sell it, you will definitely sell it for big bucks. These are just some of the few reasons why it is beneficial for you to make sure that your house looks great and update both inside and out.

So when you are renovating your bathroom, it is important to know your options first. When replacing various fixtures in your bathroom like the flooring, know that there are a wide variety of options available to your disposal and knowing each one of them gets you closer to determining which the best one for your bathroom is.

The most common option is tiles. Tile flooring is pretty much common all over the world and you can almost see it on almost every house in the United States. However, it’s not the only one that is available in the market. You can also use natural stone flooring like marble and granite tiles. These flooring types are elegant to look at and durable. The only problem with it is that they are pretty expensive but other than that, it’s superb. You could also choose to have wood flooring. There are different types of wood flooring and it all depends on the type of wood being used and how they are going to install it in your bathroom.
Basically, this is everything that you need to know about this subject.

35+ Exciting Small Bathroom Ideas Makeover

The bathroom is your domain of relief. It should bring comfort and joy to your life and should welcome your daily necessities in style and personality. Having a small bathroom seems to have no room for style, but with a little motivation and creativity, you can transform this important room. If your bathroom is in need of a remodel, or just a slight makeover, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas that will improve any boring or out of style washroom.

The Eclectic Bathroom

To be eclectic is to just take from various sources or ideas. If you’re looking for small bathroom ideas, a great way to do it is to take from different styles and add them all together. One great eclectic design idea is to have a ceiling mounted shower head. Just add an awesome looking circular shower curtain and you’ll have a unique style others will admire.

The Contemporary Bathroom

A great modern look to your bathroom can really add to the style and creativity of its look. Modern design is all about finding your personal style and just letting go of your inhibitions. To add an elegant, modern look, add a bathroom pedestal sink. They’re especially convenient for small bathrooms, because they take up way less room.

The Traditional Bathroom

While a traditional look may seem less modern, you can add elements that will really emphasize modern design. Adding a walk-in glass shower will maintain the traditional look and add a modern edge that will impress any bathroom enthusiast.

Don’t let your small bathroom prevent you from expressing your creativity. Pick a style (or lots of different styles) and go wild!

35+ Fancy Spa Like Bathroom Ideas Home

By creating a spa-like feeling in your bathroom you can make it into a place where you can fully relax and ease away your stresses.

The perfect way to create this look is to make sure you have a large luxurious bath if you have the space for one in your bathroom, think about opting for a whirlpool bath for the ultimate in relaxation or a freestanding bath which will give the bathroom a beautiful focal point.

Alternatively you may want to install a large walk-in shower enclosure or create a wet-room style bathroom if you don’t have quite enough time or the room for a bath. A shower can provide you with an invigorating soak and awake the senses.

Making sure your bathroom is kept free from any clutter allows you to relax much easier. It is a good idea to opt for pieces of bathroom furniture with a good amount of storage so your toiletries are hidden from view, therefore creating a neat, streamlined look to the bathroom.

Vanity units with an integrated basin are a fantastic choice, these come in a wide range of sizes and finishes so you can be sure to find one that will fit into your spa-like bathroom perfectly. Most bathroom furniture has matching mirrors and mirrored cabinets to give your bathroom a fully coordinating look.

Items such as taps should not be overlooked as the right style can help to achieve your perfect spa-like bathroom. A waterfall style tap would be the ideal choice as this creates a river of water and will make a luxurious statement in the bathroom.

The same applies to shower heads, a large drench style shower head is the best option as it will help you to fully unwind and feel refreshed.

Choosing the right colour for your spa-like bathroom can make all the difference as colour can affect your mood. Opting for a neutral colour scheme is the best option for a spa-like feel as this can create a feeling of relaxation.

Think about using natural stone tiles for the floor and walls in a natural shade. Floor tiles can be cold to the touch so if budget allows install under floor heating to provide warmth, this will make the bathroom feel more inviting.

Finishing touches are an important aspect in a spa-like bathroom, choosing the correct lighting and accessories such as a designer style radiator, candles and towels can all make a big difference and turn your bathroom into a truly relaxing retreat.

On Big Bathroom Shop you will find all you require to turn your bathroom into a stunning spa-like space.

At Big Bathroom Shop we’ve handpicked the very best designs from international experts and combined them with our own exclusive and exceptional high-grade products. So if you’re looking for a stunning new bathroom we’ve got plenty to inspire you.

45 Amazing Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom design has been an essential factor in modern homes. It can be attributed to the importance of a bathroom in anyone’s home. Not only is it essential, it is also a room that guests usually see. But some people think that they should not design their bathrooms all because it is small. But size is not a factor when it comes to bathroom design.

Even small bathrooms can be decorated if done with the right steps. If you think you should not design your small bathroom, think again. People with small bathrooms usually think that their space is smaller than it actually is. Also, you can still design it by creating an illusion of a larger space. Here are some small bathroom design tips you can apply to maximize that bathroom space.

Use Only a Few Mirrors

While it is true that mirrors create a feeling of space, overdoing it shows otherwise. Using too many mirrors in a small bathroom only emphasizes the corners of the room. Be very careful where you install your mirrors. Installing them opposite of each other will not do. You should limit the mirrors for it will only show you how small the space is. Clear out your bathroom walls to create more space for your small bathroom design.

Keep Things Floating

You may also think of installing a wall mounted sink and floating cupboards. This will eliminate them from taking too much floor space. Also, you can utilize the floor for other purposes such as putting a trash can or a plant.

Use Your Door

A common error with small bathroom owners is that they tend to be focused on their walls that they forget that they have a door. This door is actually more useful than acting as an entrance and exit. You can install some towel and clothes hangers at your door to conserve space. This will also give you more wall space for your small bathroom design.

Use Collapsible Shower Screens

This is another way of conserving space. If you have a small bathroom, chances are you will hardly have space if your shower area is enclosed in a non-collapsible shower screen. These show screens may range in different styles. There are foldable types and sliding types. You may even use curtains for the division. This is an essential thing you can do if you want to clear up some space for your small bathroom design.

Utilize Light

Having a window installed in your bathroom and allowing natural light inside will only make your room more spacious. This is free and you can freely use it to your advantage. But be sure to not make your window too big. It will only defeat the purpose of conserving wall space.

Now that you have those things, you are now ready for small bathroom design. Now is the time to get your color scheme done and put up the accessories. Your room is bigger now and you can just choose a theme and implement it. With that, I wish you luck in your small bathroom remodeling endeavor.

40+ Wonderful Bohemian Kitchen Ideas To Inspire You

If you are in the mood to enhance the look of your kitchen, you can work on getting Bronze Cabinet Pulls. These are sure to provide a more elegant feel to the room. As the kitchen proves to be a part of the household that holds a lot of things that bear different functions, a little bit of a bronze touch will provide a luxurious feel to any kind of kitchen setup available.

Versatility with Bronze Cabinet Pulls

One will find that compared to other kinds of metal fixtures, cabinet knobs or pulls that are made from bronze can last for a long time. Often considered to have similarities with copper and brass, the attribute is correct because bronze consists primarily of the element copper. Plus, the color can be of the same shade as brass.

Cabinet hardware made of bronze will be of good use to those who have kitchens that are of prominently designed using dark wood. As bronze is dark itself, it would lend to a great match with the wood, often blending or complementing the cabinets.

These Bronze Cabinet Pulls will also look great in a kitchen setup that consists of stone such as granite, marble, or limestone. The earthy shade of such is sure to work to the stone’s advantage, providing a greater feel of grandeur.

Of course, there are also some aesthetics that might not lend to cabinet pulls made of bronze though, like minimalist ones that often employ the use of stainless steel or non-colored metal. For those who would still insist on getting bronze Kitchen Cabinet Knobs and Pulls, they can work on designs that are of the plain and tubular kind, often available in matte and dark shades like black and gray.

Cabinet pulls that are made of bronze are often intricate in design, as bronze is a metal that is indeed malleable for forming different shapes and patterns. This attribute will definitely work for those who would have a kitchen setup that is both grandiose and bohemian. The intricacy might pose to add more spectacular sights in the kitchen, imposing an idea that even the cabinet pulls in this kitchen are well thought of and are fabulous.

Bohemian kitchens, which are often rustic and work to be multifunctional as well as red and earthy, will be a great setting for Bronze Cabinet Pulls. The intricate designs that are often with themes of exotic places and such will be a great choice to accessorize your kitchen cabinets with.

The best place to view a large selection of Bronze Cabinet Pulls and Bronze Cabinet Hardware is on the Internet. You not only find the largest selection but you will also be able to buy them at discount prices!

45+ Good Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Kitchen renovation projects can be quite costly. If you have the money for it, then you likely won’t think twice about committing to the upgrades anyway. But in line with your home staging efforts, an expensive kitchen renovation project probably isn’t the best idea considering that you be sure to have many other staging-related expenses, plus the fact that there’s a significant risk involved in taking on an expensive project that you are not sure will be recouped later on with the home sale.

Fact is, you don’t necessarily have to shell out huge amounts of money just to spruce up your kitchen. With thoughtful details and finishing touches, as well as inexpensive but high impact decorating and styling strategies, you can transform the look and feel of your kitchen and stage it into a totally new space for a fraction of the renovation cost.

Repaint and freshen up the cabinets and countertops

Paint is affordable but with much potential as far as visual impact goes. If you have white or dark wood cabinets and shelves, giving them a fresh coat of paint would make them seem brand new again. Repainting countertops, on the other hand, covers up signs of wear and tear they may have incurred.

Be creative with the lighting

The kitchen is the area of the house which could always use a lot of lighting, but you don’t have to stick to traditional, functional lighting sources. Task lighting, accent lighting, and other layers of lighting can also be utilized for form, function, and style. There are plenty of inexpensive but classy lighting fixtures that change the character of your kitchen for less.

Add art to the kitchen

Wall art including paintings are usually displayed in the dining area, but the kitchen can also display the right print or poster and immediately look much better. Select paintings or even sculptures that go with the theme of your kitchen staging, or you can explore contrast, for example, a retro poster in the backdrop of a contemporary or minimalist kitchen.

Overhead pot rack

Very popular at the moment – using overhead space by hanging pots and pans on a rack suspended from the ceiling, generally right on top of the center island. It saves space or gives you more shelves and cabinets to store your other kitchen accessories in. If executed correctly, it’s also very classy and reminiscent of professional kitchens.

Switch up the seating

If you have wooden dining chairs, simple repainting dramatically changes their appeal, with the right colors or hues are used. Also, think of buying new dining chairs that are inexpensive but go more with the effect you want to achieve.

35 Amazing Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

When doing a small kitchen design for an apartment, either a corridor kitchen design or a line layout design will be best to optimize the workflow. The corridor design does have its limits and may not be able to be used if the kitchen is too small.

The corridor style kitchen design will minimize the use of countertops in a small kitchen. It also puts the water, electrical and other services all together in a cluster. It will enable you to have access to the appliances all at once without having to walk to the other end of the room.

A corridor apartment kitchen design can have walls on both sides. This design allows you to walk down the middle with tight walls on either side of you. In the corridor design, it is best to keep the sink and dishwasher together since the water supply and drainage will need to be accessible to the dishwasher.

In a small apartment kitchen, you will definitely want to avoid putting as much stuff on the floor as possible. Smaller appliances may fit in the kitchen but just because they are small does not mean they can be placed just anywhere.

Minimal appliances will need to be used since a smaller apartment kitchen can not provide space to accommodate the bigger appliances like a large kitchen can. There are tons of compact kitchen items that can be used now. The items that are not used on a regular basis should be stored away. Even smaller 2 seated table sets can be used in a small apartment kitchen design.

Stoves can be built into the counter top of a small apartment kitchen. A mirrored backlash can also create a larger visual appearance for the small countertop spaces in small apartment kitchens. You can use the walls for shelves that can hold up utensils and spice racks.

The drawer spaces underneath the main kitchen cabinets can also hold utensils or pot holders. Kitchen appliances should be kept to a minimum. A lot of bulky items make a kitchen look over crowded and junky. Smaller appliances take up a lot less space and can possibly even fit in the cabinets or cupboards for storage.

When renting an apartment, you cannot make any permanent changes but you can personalize the kitchen to your style and taste while you are there. You can purchase an item like a silver trash can or accent rugs.

Purchase decor items in colors and textures that you find pleasing to the eye. You can even create a theme for your kitchen with decorative items. The right color tone will give your apartment’s kitchen a larger appearance and a more comfortable feel.

Most of the apartment kitchens now are built with an eat-in area. If your kitchen is large enough to have furniture in it for meals, you will need to measure the kitchen and see what size furniture would be appropriate. Always ask your landlord before making any permanent alterations to your small apartment kitchen.