40+ Amazing Home Kitchen Tile Design Ideas 2018

The ability to create a unique look in your home is one which involves needs for design. Contrasting colors, textures and statements in each room make a difference with the overall atmosphere of your home. One of the areas of the home which offers innovation for decorators everywhere is in the kitchen.

This room offers several capabilities of designs and looks, all which are able to provide a new type of fashion statement. The kitchen tile designs which are included in this provide the main look of the room which can be mixed and matched for a comfortable and luxurious style.

The kitchen tile designs are unique to any other room because of the ability to combine several patterns and designs in the same room. The kitchen uses tiles specifically because of the water and heat that is used in the room. Walls, carpet and other materials can easily become damaged with the kitchen. However, the tiles used can provide a different look while offering protection so the room doesn’t become damaged.

When you are planning kitchen tile designs, you will want to include the counter and floors. Many also include a backsplash, which uses tiles through one part of the wall while allowing the rest to remain decorated with wall paintings or wall paper. These combined looks offer easier maintenance and a unique look to the room.

The counter, floors and backsplash all have contrasting patterns, designs and colors; however, you will want to create a design that is able to show a room that is comfortable, open and inviting in your home.

When looking at kitchen tile designs, you will want to make sure that there isn’t too much contrast with the patterns and looks. The patterns shouldn’t move in opposing directions to each other, as this will create a conflict with the way the room looks. You will want to coordinate the colors as well. Even though each can have unique colors and patterns, these will need to compliment each other in the overall look of the room. You can then include modern, traditional or artistic looks to finish the overall style of your kitchen.

40 Comfortable Backyard Decoration Ideas For Your Summer

You may already know that your backyard is more than just an extension of your home. For many, it is a sanctuary, a retreat, a private hideaway – it’s a place for you to get away, to enjoy barbecues with the family or quiet time with a book. Decorating this space to meet your needs and style makes it all the more enjoyable when you spend time here. But if the ordinary backyard decorations aren’t doing it for you, what are some other ideas?

You can be creative in your backyard decorative ideas. Birdhouses are nice and so are garden gnomes, flower gardens and backyard swings. But if you really want to mix it up a bit, here are some ideas you may enjoy:

Sundials- While they’ve been around for a long time, many people have forgotten the beauty and creativity of having one at their home. They will create a beautiful and interesting look in your backyard and also make a great conversation starter. There are many different styles to choose from, including handmade sundials.

Gazing globes- Here’s another unique idea that’s been around a while but is really making a comeback since the Victorian period when they were so popular. There are many different colors and sizes of gazing globes. Some come with their own unique stands to hold them. Most modern versions are around 10 to 12 inches in diameter but there are globes as large as 20 inches or those that are smaller than 10. The color and size depend on the unique look you are going for.

Tiki Torches- Tiki torches and other types of backyard candles or lighting are also increasingly popular yet more unique when it comes to backyard décor. You can use them to surround a patio or decorate around the edging of a pool, a barbecue pit and more.

Fountains and Waterfalls- Fountains and waterfalls are another way to add a creative touch to your backyard. There are many which can be purchased and set up easily without requiring any actually holes in your lawn. There are even small versions that can be placed on tops of tables or stands in the backyard and those designed to work in flower beds.

With so many great unique backyard decorative ideas, you are ready to start having some fun in the sun this summer with a backyard that makes you feel good to be in it. Can you think of other great ideas for your own backyard paradise?

35 Cozy Swimming Pool Design Ideas For Your Home Backyard

This is the year that you’re finally going to jump in and construct a swimming pool in your backyard. Deciding to undertake this project and setting a budget was the hard part, right? Probably not.

You’ll have to decide now on what kind of design you want for it. Remember you will be making a long term commitment so choose wisely!

When you find a pool design – and that includes not only the shape of the pool but the colors of the liner and deck material – try to envision it in your backyard.

The swimming pool will become the focal point of your yard so you need to think about how it will fit in with your landscaping and whatever type of outdoor living situation you already have. The pool will definitely add to the ambiance of the backyard.

Grab a few tools and start the journey to design your backyard oasis.

Here comes the fun part of your swimming pool project:

Go to the bookstore and look at home and garden magazines. Flip through architecture, interior design or travel magazines for inspiration for it. Hotel websites are also a great starting point for swimming pool design and landscaping ideas. Browse the internet for pool builders to see if they have any galleries of designs that catch your eye. You don’t have to necessarily look at local pool builders, you can look nationwide and then find a local pool builder to see if he or she can duplicate the design you found.
Take notice of the pool and deck tiles that surround the structure you’re looking at. Keep in mind that if you find a design that’s in rainbow hues and you are more of a muted tone family, the swimming pool area will take on a whole new look. Ask your potential pool builder if he or she has access to a design program that can swap various colors in and out of computer aided designs so you can get a true feel for what the completed project will look like.
Pay attention to those you see on television shows or in movies to see if any of the designs catch your imagination.
Visit real estate open houses in your neighborhood or in upscale neighborhoods to find inspiration from the swimming pools at those houses.
When visiting potential swimming pool contractors ask them for the various designs of swimming pools they’ve completed.
Find out from the local code officer what the setbacks are for property lines for the construction of your swimming pool. Once you have that information in hand, measure your backyard and sketch on some graph paper the proposed pool layout.
Envision the type of accessories you want in your pool. Will you want a shallow end? Tanning ledges? A hot tub? Waterfall? Wading pool? If you have a large enough yard you can consider adding a wave pool or lazy river feature.

You can let your imagination run wild in the planning phase. Just remember you might have to scale your thoughts back once you put your swimming pool construction budget together.

Be prepared with your budget when you speak with potential pool contractors. You certainly want to run your ideas by the pool contractor but be prepared to defer to his or her expertise. Keep in mind, the more imaginative the design, the higher the price tag will be.

After you’ve completed the design process, the fun will truly begin when the project is complete and you and your family have hours to spend in the swimming pool of your dreams.

Robbi Hess is a writer/editor/blogger with more than 20 years experience as a writer on assignment. She is a professional writer on assignment who has served on the staff of newspapers, magazines and with book publishers.

40+ Awesome Diy Plant Shelf Design Ideas To Organize Your Garden

The ideal gardening shed is one that serves the particular purposes of the person doing the gardening. A manufactured shed is relatively inexpensive, and is most often made from a weatherproof polymer material or metal, with double sliding entry doors and a row of hooks for hanging tools, and a shelf for storing supplies. These units are priced reasonably and appear to be a practical accessory for the gardening enthusiast.

Then, about a year after purchasing it, the doors are hard to open, the roof has warped from the summer heat and there’s no room on floor or the shelves for any more supplies. Since the shed has become over crowded, it’s no longer convenient to get to the tools, so they end up on the patio, which is where they were when it was first purchased.

This is a typical scenario that could lead one to designing a gardening shed, as opposed to trying to make someone else’s design idea work. The upside is, now the gardener has an idea of the size that will accommodate the collection of tools and supplies. In addition, the interior of the shed can be designed for convenience in accessing the gardening tools, and may even include a workbench area and storage bins.

Manufactured gardening sheds most often have one opening, and this means that it has to be situated for access to that opening. Designing a shed does not have this limitation, and the area chosen for it could be anywhere that suits the layout of the property. Depending on the budget constraints, the new design may include a concrete slab as a floor, and wood or metal framed walls, with openings for vents and widows.

In addition, a hearty potting shelf could be built along the side of the structure, which will eliminate the rickety patio bench that so often ended up rotting in the weather. Lighting fixtures, electrical circuits and water lines can be included in a design, as well as attractive doors with reliable door hardware. Walking out to the gardening shed in the early evening, and having a motion light come on, is a convenience that any gardener would appreciate.

Designing a garden shed is relatively easy to do, and the materials and accessories can be selected to accommodate the needs off the gardener, as well and the gardener’s budget. The amount of convenience that can be built into the design will keep the enthusiasm for gardening intact.

40+ Beautiful Shady Gardens Design Ideas

Lots of gardeners are more in favor of sunny spots and will avoid placing their gardens in the shade. You see, they think it’s too difficult to grow anything there!
I find that to be very sad because they are missing out on a huge benefit of shade gardens: a unique beauty that gives you a refreshing rest from the hot sun.

I want you to have that luxury and that’s why I’m going to share some tips on how to design your shade garden.

The first, most important thing you can do is the same for any garden – shade or not – you need to plan it out!

Start by investigating that shady spot you’re thinking of: are there any weeds growing? If not then that’s a bad thing – if weeds aren’t growing, it’s likely nothing else will grow either!

Go ahead and get some graph paper – don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist! – but you *do* need to sketch in whatever trees and buildings provide shade and (this part is important so make sure you’re paying attention!) make note of what times and how long the sun crosses over that spot!

Remember to consider what time of year it is, since shade could be seasonal! Also make sure you have a water supply that can reach that spot.

Another thing people often forget when designing a shade garden: they forget about light! I recommend placing a dim light around the shady patch

What Type Of Plants To Include In Your Shade Garden

Shade garden plants should have white or pastel flowers… they’ll stand out in the dark of the shady areas of your garden!

My favorites are: Foxglove, Daylilies, Primroses, Impatiens, Forget-Me-Nots and Pansy.

For anchor plants make sure to use evergreens or grasses and not just in one place – use them several times in your garden! I like plants with big, coarse leaves and shrubs like viburnum and hydrangea. Perennials like canna and iris work great too!

The bigger plants will cause some visual gaps so you’ll want to use smaller shrubs to fill them in. Go ahead and use boxwood and Compacta holly – they work great!

Use Colorful Flowers To Offset All That Green

I like the silver tones of wormwood and bulks like daffodils and grape hyacinth. These do really well in the shade!

I have lots of people ask me: “What if my flowers have difficulty growing in the shade?”

No problem! Just use pots or containers to plant your flowers and place them in your shade garden.

It’s Not Just About Plants And Flowers… Make Sure You Don’t Forget This Crucial Part

The success of your shady garden is not just about planting the right stuff… you also need to have good soil and proper drainage!

Preparing the soil is nothing fancy or different from “sunny gardens” – use a good organic compost and spread it with mulch.

Healthy Soil Tip: Make sure you test the pH of your soil! (Most woodland plants grow best in soil that’s slightly acidic… that’s a pH of 6 to 6.5. Others like blueberries or azaleas grow best with a soil pH of about 5.5

30+ Awesome Rustic Balcony Garden

Many individuals would love to garden unfortunately do not have the opportunity if they live in an apartment. If there is, a possibility that they have a balcony though there is no reason why they cannot make their own mini balcony garden and make it their little retreat.

In order to do this it is going to mean that they have to do a lot of container planting. This is not difficult to do either and it actually gives you quite a few choices of how you want to lay out your balcony garden.

The one thing you do not want to do is start to be carried away with things using up too much space to the point where you cannot even get out to the balcony to enjoy it.

You want to make sure that you leave a little sitting space so that you are going to be able to enjoy all the work you have done.

You will want to pick a variety of containers to start with like the different shapes and sizes and heights. With the proper planting your garden will even give you a little bit of privacy.

You want to make sure that the planters are going to be big enough for the size of the plant and to accommodate the plant roots.

Make sure that the pots have good drainage. In addition, in order to pick your containers you are going to have to have a basic idea of what kind of plants and flowers that you are going to be using.

Next you are going to need to buy your soil and you want to make sure that you get the right potting mix for the type of garden plants and flowers you’re going to be planting.

You can even go a step further and have your own little vegetable garden with a few plants of each. There is nothing to say that you cannot have a tomato plant or two or even a few peppers.

Do not forget about the herbs you will be able to grow as well. Not only will your garden look nice but it will smell wonderful as well.

Remember we said this is a little space for you to sit out and enjoy. The perfect balcony furniture would be a little bistro set of the round table with two chairs. Once you have gone ahead and done this although it sounds like quite a bit of work it is well worth it. You are going to get many hours of enjoyment from your balcony garden.

45+ Fantastic Rustic Garden Light Landscaping Ideas

A variety of lighting fixtures and styles are available in the market today. Find lighting more suitable for the lawn, patio or garden. Perhaps the most preferred style is the rustic style. Outdoor lanterns with a rustic appeal give off a country appeal that will suit more country houses.

Rustic outdoor lanterns have distinct romantic and ornate designs, suitable for old-fashioned homes and Victorian-inspired homes. Cap that off with rustic pots, woodland fairies and nymphs in the garden and the home will already look like a whimsical vacation spot.

Then there are the modern and minimalist outdoor lanterns. They are perfect for Japanese-inspired gardens and modern home settings. These fixtures have a distinct clean and sleek look. It works better for impressive landscapes. If the landscape already has its own stellar appeal, using rustic and ornate garden lighting might look over the top. Simple lighting fixture can complement this style. These can complement bathroom mirrors with lights perfectly as the minimalist style is often employed.

Home owners with a penchant for trendy lighting fixtures and design pieces might prefer the look of trendy and funky lighting. Check out the various designs of modern fashion designers. They are out of the box creations that can also work as center pieces in the garden.

Functionality meeting style is what the motion lights and floodlights offer. Aside from making the garden look more beautiful, these pieces also function in a myriad of ways to provide lighting convenience to home owners.

Lights integrated with motion sensors are also quite popular these days. You get the best of both worlds in this type of lighting. It is also less costly since you do not have to buy a separate motion sensor for security. It is less conspicuous as well. Burglars won’t suspect that those lights also work as security sensors.

Consider Energy Efficiency

How much energy can your garden lighting use? In this day and age, it is imperative to go out of our way in finding fixtures that can cut down the cost of energy not only to lessen the cost of utility bills but also to preserve natural energy resources.

One of the best types of energy-efficient garden lighting is solar-powered outdoor lanterns. The idea of solar panels sticking to the fixture might be off-putting to many home owners but there are now solar panel lighting with hidden solar panels. Installation has also been made easier. The only downside to using this fixture is that owners should install it in areas where they can receive as much sunlight as possible.

LED lights are also popular due to their unique and modern lighting technology. Energy efficiency for these lights are up to 80% so home owners can really save a lot of energy every month. The best part is that LED garden lighting is more durable. According to experts, LEDs last longer than incandescent lights by many decades because the diodes are smaller than regular bulbs. They also do not require a lot of maintenance. Environmental enthusiasts might also like the benefits of LED lights considering that they are completely devoid of mercury contaminants. Bathroom mirrors with lights using LED technology is a great option to provide more illumination when taking a shower.

Come Up With A Budget Plan

Once home owners have gathered details of the perfect garden lighting type to install in the yard, the next factor to consider is the budget. How many lights does the yard need? How much does one outdoor lantern cost?

To come up with the budget needed for the installation of these lights, home owners should already plan the design and the installation for the lighting. Map out the areas where the lighting fixtures are needed to figure out how many lanterns should be bought.

You are basically aiming for products that are less costly but are still durable. It is safe to say that when it comes to lighting fixtures, you get what you paid for. If you opt for cheap models, they might not withstand wear and tear. Set up a reasonable budget.

45 Beautiful Living Room Interior Decorations You Need To Know

Designing and decorating living room interiors is a classic experience for many homeowners. You are creating a personal space within your home, which will form the first impression of your home, and your lifestyle in the mind of the visitor who visits for the first time. If the visual quality of your home interiors is full of clutter then it can have a bad impact immediately.

Sadly many few people understand that designing is an inside process. Normally what peopled do is buy a bunch of interior design magazines and try to copy what other designers have done for their clients. You may get some nice ideas by looking at the works done by professional designers but there remains one important question unanswered, which is.

Does your living room interior design reflect your personality?

Now this is so important in the first place?

Every interior space, which has been designed or just happened to be the way it is, is a reflection of your personality in some way or the other. If you get inspired by beautiful designs you see in the movies, interior design magazines or television shows and try to copy them, then what will happen is after a few days they will start to reflect the truth about
your personality.

What I mean is what looks beautiful in pictures may not be as comfortable in reality for you. Your definition of comfort can never match with other person’s perspective on comfortable spaces. So before you think of copying from someone else’s design make sure to check out your own needs and triggers that make your comfortable.

For example one person looks at a photo of a living room with beautiful chandelier hanging from top and grabs a similar one from a website that sells lighting fixtures. Spends quite a lot of money on this gadget and his living room is now looking beautiful. But after a few days of using this he realizes that it consumes lots of electricity and secondly there’s too much light in his living room causing unnecessary glare.

So first know your standards of comfort living and then cleverly make choices that will help you to not only save money but also at the same time create spaces where you can really relax and enjoy your day with family and friends. What’s the point spending your hard-earned money on living room interior decorating that will only make you unhappy?

35+ Wonderful Black White And Gold Living Room Design Ideas

This article will throw light in the various types of living room furniture available and also that which represents the classic style. This article will ensure that the in=formation it gives to you is correct and up to date. Here you will see that there are many variants of living room furniture. With the aid of this article you will be having all the required knowledge to buy living room furniture. This write-up will guide you through the complicated process of selecting the right living room furniture and thereby buying it. Read on to make the most of this informative article.
There is a major difference between a house and a home.

A house lacks the love we infuse into it. A home is a house wherein we have put our sincere efforts to make it look good, cozy and stylish. Imagine a house without any furniture, without any tables etc. won’t it look empty and incomplete? Well, that is why furniture holds so much importance in making a house a home. The living room, therefore, is also an important aspect of any house. We spend a lot of time in the living room. Whether it is about sharing a cup of tea with your wife or loved ones, or about watching television, the living room is host to a number of activities. That is why it is of utmost importance to select the right kind of living room furniture.

There are many types of couches, tables, sofas, chairs, coffee tables etc available in the market. However, not all tables and chairs can make it to your living rooms. You must select the right kind of living room furniture. With the availability of metals and alloys, living room furniture has seen a change that is major. Nowadays, living room furniture is also seen in variants of metal and their alloys. Gone are the days when living room furniture was synonymous with wooden furniture. That does not mean that wooden living room furniture has lost its sheen or value.

There are still many types of wooden couches and sofas that will mesmerize you. In general, Living room furniture set normally consists of sofas, coffee table, futon chairs, home theater system and perhaps display cabinets and dressers. Other living room furniture pieces include side tables, futon beds, bean bags and bean chairs etc. you must know the measurements of your living room before you are all set to purchase living room furniture. If we talk about sofas only, then still we have many options. There are many different materials used in making sofas.

The conventional wood is of course still prevalent. However, leather and other things are also taken into use for making sofas. Sofas can easily be installed. Let us see some of the latest designs available. There are three-seater leather sofas; these leather sofas have the beautiful feature of matching wood facings. Deep foam padding is given in these leather sofas so that comfort is not compromised upon. Moreover, you also have the option to buy 2-seater leather sofas. Sofa suites also include leather chairs, footstools and so on. Colours like dark brown, ivory gold, silver, cream, black, pink, white, off-white etc are available. Same is the case with coffee tables and chairs. Leather chairs, metal chairs, wooden chairs etc are easily available. There are many online shops which deal in classic style living room furniture

40 Luxurious And Elegant Living Room Design Ideas

Luxurious living room spells different to everyone but each of us has a common notion of what is luxurious and not. While some people’s standards of luxury are more inclined to overdoing the décor, design and theme of the living room, there are those who keep theirs minimal but still achieve the lavish effect in the living room. But how do they do it? The major medium of this approach is to keep off the visual clutter. Visual clutter could spoil any good design in the living room. This could be a misplaced vase, a wrong choice of flower arrangement or any unnecessary items that doesn’t contribute well in the room or worse, prevents the living room from getting “tied” with itself. But how can this be achieved?

1. Choose a single style and run with it – “Hodgepodge”, “medley”, and “mishmash” are some of the most inappropriate terms to use in decorating a living room or any part of the house for that matter. So the key here is to find a single design or theme that appeals to your taste then work to achieve your desired design with all the necessary details. You can search through interior design, architecture and other magazines in these categories for model homes which complement the type of living room you want and pick ideas from there.

For example, you could get the idea of a luxurious modern living room as characterized by maximized use of daylight, glass panels, natural wood and cubism-like decor. Straight lines are the general feature of the modern luxury living rooms as these create lesser clutter and expose the little things that could create the messy lines. But remember to incorporate curves and flowing lines to break the monotony.

2. Know the dimensions of the room – It is a common notion that large rooms are more luxurious looking since they project the intimidating effect. However, their smaller counterparts can also boast of something as they could be easily treated and decorated. Also, they make efficient living rooms with intimate settings. The thing is, one must know how to work with the space that one has.

3. Adding the decors – Small things matter in bringing the appearance of luxury into your living room. An elegant vase or side table could make the difference so be sure to keep an eye on these smaller details.

4. Luxury comes with a price – You can’t of course expect to get a luxury living room without paying a price. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on all of the items in your living room. Try to find a good blend between expensive and less expensive items like a designer odd chair and a décor you bought from a garage sale.